My Dog Services

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Willie, myself, and Sadie.

I specialize in pet dogs and the issues they develop living in the city.

If you teach a dog how to get what it is they want and use that to your benefit, you can solve most problem issues you have with your dog. From experience, positive training methods–using food, toys or attention to motivate the dog–produce solid results and have long term benefits for your relationship with your dog.

Private Lessons

I offer private lessons held at your home where we’ll train your dog what you feel it needs to learn. This can be specific problem issues, such as resolving leash aggression toward other dogs while on walks, or the basics like sit-stay, down-stay, come, etc.

Private Lessons are approximately an hour long and cost $60

Training Walks

I can train your dog for you. While walking your dog two or more times a week I will resolve specific problem issues he may have, or simply teach him the basics, depending on the needs of your dog.

Training walks last 30 minutes and cost $20

Dog Walking

If your dog simply needs to get out and get some exercise, I can do that too.

Walks are 30 minutes long and cost $20

Dog Taxidog-centric review of honda element

For regular clients I offer pet taxi service to and from vet or grooming appointments.

Waste Clean Up

For regular clients I offer weekly yard poop clean up.


For existing clients I also offer boarding.


For further information you can reach me at 503-927-7827 or email


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Dog training, walking and care for the Portland metro area.

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