“Our dog had serious aggression issues (towards dogs), but Raud’s patient, kind, and fun dog training techniques have really paid off.  She’s much more calm around other dogs and seems happier.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that he gives her such good exercise as well.  We can’t recommend him highly enough.” Eric, Portland

*   *   *

“I highly recommend Raud Kennedy, he has made all the difference in having a well behaved dog you can trust. He is incredibly effective and has changed her temperament & behavior to a calm happy dog. GG (Nina’s dog) & I are grateful to have him work with her.” Nina, Portland

*   *   *

“Raud has walked my two dogs since March 2009, and I can’t imagine life without his assistance.  He has been reliable and trustworthy, and I know my dogs will always be walked at the time we’ve agreed on.  More than that, though, he has been an invaluable resource in helping me make my dogs the best canine citizens they can be. He makes sure they don’t develop bad habits, he provides useful advice regarding behavioral issues, and he’s always willing to help me implement any training plans I have for the dogs. If you asked the dogs, though, they would just say they love walking with Uncle Raud and can’t wait to hear his car in the driveway!” Jane, Portland

*   *   *

“Raud worked with our dog Sam for about 3-4 months. Sam is a challenging, reactive dog and we struggled on our walks. Raud was patient and tried harnesses, a gentle leader, and Halti. He was able to find the right one, and really helped us learn how to control Sam and remain calm. By following his example, we are a lot more successful in our endeavors. I highly recommend Raud’s services.” Stefanie, Portland

*   *   *

“Raud is a very knowledgeable trainer whose calm demeanor and sense of humor makes the training experience enjoyable.  He has been working with my dog, Sully,  for a little over 10 months and has been very successful in modifying Sully’s reactive behavior of lunging/bolting and barking aggressively at other dogs. Now on a more consistent basis, Sully chooses to sit and wait until the “trigger dog” passes or sometimes doesn’t even react at all.  Raud has patiently been teaching me how to reinforce the work he’s doing, which has given me a more relaxed confidence with my dog.  I trust him and can highly recommend his services!” Janet, Portland


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