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Leash Aggression – Part Two – Rehabilitating the Leash Aggressive Dog

dog training portland - leash aggression 2A leash aggressive dog can be rehabilitated so that walks are manageable and enjoyable. In my previous post, How Dogs Learn to be Leash Aggressive, I described the dynamics between Dean and his dog, Rover, as Rover learns to be leash aggressive. To rehabilitate Rover, the associations he has with the sight of other dogs needs to change. Right now other dogs mean pain because Rover starts barking at the other dogs to get them to stay away so that Dean won’t jerk him around on his pinch collar. But it’s Catch-22 for Rover because that barking is what gets Dean started with the jerking. Continue reading Leash Aggression – Part Two – Rehabilitating the Leash Aggressive Dog

How Dogs Learn to be Leash Aggressive

dog training Portland - leash aggressionMany people teach their dogs to act aggressively toward other dogs while on leash without even knowing it. They start with an energetic dog eager to greet other dogs while out walking the neighborhood and over time end up with a dog that barks and growls at approaching dogs a block or more away. The end results are a dog that gets shorter walks and fewer of them, acts progressively more unmanageable, and an owner who is not only frustrated but riddled with guilt over the state of their relationship with their dog. Continue reading How Dogs Learn to be Leash Aggressive

Toys as Rewards

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI walk a German Shepherd client named Angel. It used to be that when she saw other dogs while on her walk, she’d have a barking fit bouncing around at the end of the leash. She was so stressed she wasn’t enjoying her walks, nor was anyone who was walking her. My goal was to help change that.

I first tried offering her Redbarn every time we encountered another dog, but just like with a person, her stress left her with no interest in food, plus, she was on the heavy side so food in general wasn’t a high value item. Continue reading Toys as Rewards

The Pinch Collar and Dog Aggression

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In 2002, Willie was a year old German shepherd running loose on the streets of Austin, Texas when animal control caught him and put him in the pound. He went unclaimed and unadopted and was scheduled to be euthanized, but on his last day the Austin German Shepherd Rescue picked him up, drove him north thirty miles to the Triple Crown Academy for Dog Trainers and left him there for the students to train.

That was where I met him. He was one of several dogs assigned to me as a student to train. He was an underfed, ragged looking, long haired shepherd that looked more coyote than German. He wasn’t loose on the streets without reason. He liked to have staring contests with other big males that would quickly escalate to outburst of barking and lunging on the leash, and he was also skittish around strangers. Continue reading The Pinch Collar and Dog Aggression